Tower crane arrives at Dorset County Museum!

A milestone in the Dorset County Museum programme was reached over the last 48 hours with the arrival of the tower crane! Now fully constructed and in operation, the crane will be on site for the next 40 weeks and be used for work on the basement and RC frame. It will be lifting reinforcement, formwork, falsework, bricks, blocks and concrete. A lot of careful planning went into the logistics and we would like to say a huge thank you and well done to Project Manager Dan Coniam and his team and everyone who contributed to making it happen. Dorset County Museum, PGP, GAP, Boon Brown, MDA, Dorset Council, Falcon Cranes, JFY Groundworks, JW Scaffolding, LC Wills, Southern Piling and Holy Trinity Church.

Tags: Community

Released On 8th Aug 2019