Environment & Sustainability

We are committed to improving our environmental performance.  We adopt a fully up-to-date Environmental Policy which integrates all parts of the business and reflects the company's dedication to becoming a regional industry leaders in Health, Safety and Environmental Management.  Our systems are continually monitored, developed and independently verified by external auditors and meet the high standards of ISO 14001:2004.

Our Environmental Policy commits us to reducing our impact on the Environment.  As part of our Policy and via our sites project specific "Environmental Management Plan", sites employ numerous techniques to reduce fuel consumption, preserve resources, recycle and prevent instances of pollution.  Our management teams are responsible for the implementation of the Environmental Policy in accordance with our high standards.

We recognise that to be successful in the long term we must make our business economically sustainable, while embracing our duty to society.  As well as being the right thing to do, meeting the responsibilities protects our reputation and makes us an attractive partner for our clients.

Sustainability is not a separate part of our company but embedded throughout our business.  Our approach is strategic, with clearly defined objectives and targets that appropriately address the sustainability risks and opportunities facing our business and our stakeholders.