Ferne Animal Sanctuary, Chard, Somerset

The construction of this 18-kennel dog rehoming facility provided Ferne Animal Sanctuary with state of the art accommodation comprising a range of treatment, grooming, socialisation and introduction areas together with kitchen and laundry facilities.  The unit included its own isolation areas for dogs in quarantine.  In addition to the general office areas the facility included a visitor shop to assist with the raising of funds for the general running of the sanctuary.

The 18 kennels were provided with individual penning and exercise yards.

This project was at risk due to the level of tender returns following a single stage tender process under a traditional form of contract.  We were invited to review the overall design to achieve significant value engineering.  We successfully reviewed the design and agreed several design and specification changes to ensure the project cost was within the overall budget set by the client.  Following this careful review and presentation of our contractor's proposals we negotiated with Ferne Animal Sanctuary to undertake the contract on a design and construct basis.  The project was delivered on budget to a high standard.

Category: Community


Location Chard, Somerset
Client Ferne Animal Sanctuary
Architect Paul Dean Associates
Size 18 kennel facility with ancillary accommodation
Contract Value £760K

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